Many have penned verses about taking drugs to cope with trauma and depression. Artists including Kid Cudi, Big K.R.I.T., Joe Budden, and Macklemore have discussed sober rappers the dangers of addiction, sharing their own experiences. Macklemore is another rapper who has worked incredibly hard to disprove the glamorization of drug use.

After a rehab visit and multiple overdoses, he now lives a stable life of sobriety. In 2013, Hudson told Chelsea Handler that she has “never had a drink in her life.” She simply has never been interested in drugs or alcohol. The Scottish DJ revealed in an interview with the BBC in 2009 that despite his career choice, he has forgone consuming alcohol for the better.

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Harris expressed, “I stopped drinking because it actually was making me ill. It was affecting my brain in the worst way.” According to People, after receiving the Spirit of Sobriety award in 2015 for celebrating 25 clean years, the actor credited most of his success to his wife, Sheryl Berkoff. The Pretty Little Liars actress told InStyle in 2017 that her decision to embrace the sober life all started when she decided to chop off most of her hair into the cute bob hairstyle she has now.

It was a record about the disease of addiction. There is power in sharing your stories openly and honestly. It allows other people to share openly and honestly. When I was about 25 years old, I was paying bills with my music, but just barely.

Sober Rappers Who Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

In an interview with Fantastic Man, he recalled when he told someone to stop smoking in the studio. He further expressed that he has never once wanted to get drunk. While hip-hop has its many celebratory moments from lyrics to accolades, in recent years, the genre has been hit with the negative consequences of drug culture, which has claimed the lives of many young rappers. From Mac Miller’s fatal overdose to Juice WRLD’s drug-induced seizure, the link between death and addiction has been a recurring topic in rap. Irizarry’s father finally explained to him that, in his teens and early twenties, his brother had fallen in with a rough crowd that would drink a lot, and that he developed an alcohol use disorder.

Wiz Khalifa Shuts Down Talk of Him Falling Off: ‘Even My Old Songs … – The Source Magazine

Wiz Khalifa Shuts Down Talk of Him Falling Off: ‘Even My Old Songs ….

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While many of the rappers on this have either dabbled or gone deep into addiction, Tyler, The Creator has basically never been tempted. Gucci Mane’s’ story with alcohol and drugs is one of radical transformation. In an interview with the New York Times in 2016, the trap legend described that he had not been fully sober since the age of 21.

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